Do you like yourself?

Have you ever feel that you don’t even know yourself anymore because you’re trying too hard? Because you’re trying so hard you don’t even recognize yourself. Maybe you change for the better, but still, you don’t recognize the person who appears in the mirror. Until you reach one point when you don’t like that person. It’s a complicated thought, I realize. Maybe you like the appearance of the person that staring straight back at you on the mirror, but you hate how bitter and unhappy she look. The question remains though, how come you don’t like yourself if you change for the better? I guess, that’s how fucked up we are as human. We always hate ourselves a little.


I would very much like to go anywhere in the world with you. You’ll get to choose the destination and I’ll be happy to follow you anywhere. We can spend the time lounging in the hotel room, or we can walk around and dine like locals. We can go sightseeing, or we can just find the comfiest park then put the headphone on as we gaze at the sky. Maybe. Somewhere in the future. When the voices in my head are finally making any senses, I’ll find you and I’ll travel to the end of the world with you.